Blind Dancer Papa Marlin, Stage Rockers
  • Release Date 22 Dec 2014
  • Catalogue G011
Papa Marlin - Blind Dancer (original mix)
Papa Marlin & Stage Rockers - So Take It (original mix)
Papa Marlin - My Dirty Humps (original mix)
Papa Marlin - Can't stop my baby (original mix)
  • Nopopstar Hotfingers / 303Lovers / ABCDEEP Records
    very nice Ep! tnx!
  • Jean Bacarreza Toolroom - Katermukke - 8bit - Kittball - Nervous
    Yo thxxx!
  • LouLou Players LouLou Records / Bunny Tiger / Belgium
    Papa Marlin is on fire :-)
    Can't Stop My Baby For me!
    Thanks a lot
  • Vanilla Ace Toolroom, Club Sweat, Elrow, Nurvous, Box of Cats
    So Take it and Can't Stop My Baby are cool
  • Tasty Cookies ABCDEEP Records
    Blind Dancer my favorite!
  • Jose Maria Ramon Ibiza Global Radio
    very nice, will play it on ibiza global radio, thanks
  • Ivan Slash ABCDEEP records
    this is great! ©  Cookies Policy

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